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Gio' Pomodoro at White Carrara 2023

In Carrara, "UNESCO Creative City" from 2017, opens White Carrara Still Lif(v)e, of which Gradina gallery is partner.

The world marble capital, as intended by the art director Claudio Composti, is not limited to the contemplation of the past but it is alive. The city lives in the transformation of the block of stone and in the dialectic relationship between the hands of the artisans, the mind of the artist and the matter, the whitest one.

This dialectics has an important social role dear to Gio' Pomodoro, in which the artwork is is symbiosis with the location not only aesthetically but also with the direct relation with the community.

The marble "Folla Grande" (1962) has been set in front of the Academy of Fine Arts, in an ideal connection between the Master and the pupils, oriented in a perspective that looks at the marble quarries on the mountains visible from Gramai square.

The exhibition will be open from June 17th to October 1st 2023.

Gio' Pomodoro, Folla Grande, 1962, white Carrara marble


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