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The artist

The morphological power of living beings

Born in Milan in 1961, Bruto Pomodoro starts his artistic journey in 1994 after a career dedicated to scientific design.


Painter and sculptor, he focuses his artistic research, purely abstract, on the secret aspects of the living beings -from genetic to embryology, from the evolution to the physical laws of the universe - through an individual language based on a close study of chromatic balance and composition. The artist's aim is to look into the morphological potential of living beings focusing on the archetype power.

Bruto Pomodoro lives and works in Pietrasanta, Tuscany, his artworks have been displayed in several solo exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

Among the main exhibitions dedicated to Bruto Pomodoro, we mention the ones of  Siena, Riccione and Cesena named "Contemplazioni" (1997),  the exhibition "Codici Algenici" host in Maison Fleur, Courmayeur in 2002 and the exhibition host in San Cristoforo church in Lucca in 2010. In 2011, during the 54th Biennale, Bruto artworks are present in Venice in the collective exhibition "Slide Art -Sign Off Design" and in the solo exhibition "Bimorfismi plastici" host in Palazzo Zenobio.

Each artwork from Bruto Pomodoro is immediately available and can be personally seen in the artist's atelier.

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