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Bon voyage.

Gradina collaborates with the best shipyards and artisans to offer turn-key support to leading yachts’ owners to set, enhance and protect artworks onboard. This amazing care will make you relax, enjoy the sea and be delighted by your masterpieces.


Art for yachts

3 things to consider when displaying fine art on superyachts

  • With all the possible challenges – from theft to damage – it is important to house your collection with the maximum care. An effective alarm system is essential and will probably be a mandatory requirement for your insurance company.

  • You cannot simply hang a painting or place a heavy marble sculpture onboard, they must be fixed in the appropriate way, considering boat roll and guests movements. Even with 6 metres waves nothing must move.

  • Moving an artwork from the atelier to the dock and finally onboard needs a precise planning for every single movement, and perfect timing.

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