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Nature. Onboard exhibition at Cannes Yachting Festival 2023

As a stunning design masterpiece, the 34 m Benetti Oasis hosting the exhibition merges technology and nature together. From the sinuous lines of the interior and its materials to the contact with the seawater from the stern and the sun along the whole day.

The masterpieces by the two italian sculptors set on board represent two different interpretation of nature, exploring the endless possibilities of organic shapes.

In Arianna Cordiviola’s artworks the clay, molded in a skillful and delicate way, transmits the artist's message through the sense of touch, establishing a connection with the earth's primitive forms.

Regular outside but finely crafted inside, almost smoothed by the water, the sculptures by Selene Frosini are crossed by galleries. The work is inner, a hard material with a fragile soul in which sullness and voids reveal an evolving microcosm.


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