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A recycled-plastic sculpture by Paolo Nicolai in the Italian Embassy in Doha

Gradina art gallery donates the artwork made by the italian artist to enhance cultural relations between Italy and Qatar

Plastic, metal, industrial waste and common objects make Earth more and more contaminated everyday. Art cannot stand by and just watch.

Italian Artist Paolo Nicolai works using different types of waste in a continuous research, experimenting and creating new shapes that raise awareness about our Planet, extremely polluted. Gradina art gallery donated one of Nicolai’s most recent artworks to the Embassy of Italy in Doha.

His Excellency the Italian Ambassador Paolo Toschi states: <<We would like to thank Gradina gallery and the artist Paolo Nicolai for donating the artwork "Hermes", an example of italian art that can combine beauty and classical tradition with the contemporary sensibility in terms of sustainability and reuse>>

Qatar is living a vibrant artistic atmosphere thanks to the initiatives promoted by Qatar Museums, characterized by the relevant attention that H.E. Sheikha Al-Mayassa bint Hamad Al Thani pays to the environment.

<<With this donation, our gallery aims to pay homage to this context, wishing for an even more intense cultural exchange between the two Countries in the spirit of the respect for the environment and friendship among peoples>> they say from Gradina gallery.

Addicted to classical beauty, during last years Nicolai focused his research on materials, looking for a “new marble”, he says: <<It is always exciting being aware of the endless possibilities of shapes and colors, the final result is always unpredictable>>. His artworks are present in collections all around the world in Abu Dhabi, Basel, Berlin, Doha, Milan, Paris, Perth, Rome and his pieces are attracting the interest of public Museums and private collectors.

The sculpture “Hermes”, hosted in the Embassy of Italy, Alfardan Tower, Doha, deconstructs the ideal of classical beauty transferring it into the present, with a fine line between material and shape. As a result of an unstoppable experimentation, the shapes of Nicolai’s artworks are getting more and more undefined over the years as the Artist lets himself being inspired by the materials of waste, getting closer to the abstraction.


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